Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So, finally today i have thought of upgrading my blog regularly. It is my second day in the office at "noorjehan" www.noorjehan.org
office has been seeming fine till now, i would call it a little strict. colleagues are good to me as of now..lunch time is not one of my favourites as people discuss soaps and pull each others legs, which i dont get as i dont know the inside story yet:p
feels like i have reached my dream office as i get very good reviews from colleagues here about the design and work environment.i am sitting in the office and writing this as i am bored making designs for cushions and my mentor has taken the rest of the day off, so need to be less alert!!lol i hve been told not to access chat id's and facebook particularly to avoid getting into trouble, but still m smart enough to use the mail format to chat..lol
currently i am working on a collection for heimtextil named "strokes of genius" it is just the thing i wanted to do, all about the theme makes me fall in love with it...will keep on posting things about my work... a glimpse of something i made:

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